Drama group tackles tough issue

November 29 2013

PUTTING the spotlight on dementia is local theatre group, Kelvin Players.

PUTTING the spotlight on dementia is local theatre group, Kelvin Players.
A Month of Sundays is a performance which follows two elderly male residents - Cooper and Aylott - living out their days in an older people's home, awaiting family visits, and dealing with their failing bodies and minds.
Aylott, who is Cooper's best friend, is coming to terms with Alzheimer's.
Written by Bob Larbey - the writer behind The Good Life, As Time Goes By and The Darling Buds of May - the play is a poignant look at the personal process of ageing.
Director Susan Lawrence said: "The play offers so many layers of humanity to explore. Ageing affects us all, and the role relationships play in supporting a changing identity and lifestyle are central.
"Through relationships between the characters this play tenderly looks at sexuality, mental health, love and friendship."
The play focuses on the heroic friendship of the two residents, and their efforts to avoid joining 'the zombies' in the residential home. They spend endless hours together, bantering about their ageing.
A strained relationship is also conveyed between Cooper, and his daughter, Julia and her husband, Peter.
Ms Lawrence added: "The play is a joy to experience and leaves us with an honesty about the strength and value of friendship, transcending all else.
"I welcome the opportunity to bring these universal themes to life through such a warm and enchanting play.
"Although originally written in the 1980s, many of the themes and issues remain the same, with dementia being more widely recognised today."
A Month of Sundays will be running from Tuesday 3 December to Saturday 7 December at the Kelvin Studio on Gloucester Road.
Doors open from 7.00pm every evening with the performance starting at 7.30pm. A licensed bar will also be available. Tickets are £12 (Wednesday-Saturday), and £8 (Tuesday).
To book tickets please call 0117 9593636, email boxoffice@kelvinplayers.co.uk or visit www.kelvinplayers.co.uk.

Phil Joyner as Cooper and Michael Jessup as Peter. Credit Mike Luckett - Kelvin Players