Does your home glow red on Bristol heat map?

October 30 2015

RESIDENTS can benefit from a new technology which aims to reduce their home’s heat loss.

RESIDENTS can benefit from a new technology which aims to reduce their home’s heat loss.

Heatview – a project which uses a thermal imaging device to detect areas of heat loss – was founded by local residents Jeremy Birch, from Bristol Friends of the Earth, and Mike Andrews, a former BBC producer.

The pair has already piloted an external survey throughout Redland and parts of Bishopston, with funding support from Bristol Green Capital and neighbourhood grants, using an iPhone 5 with an attached 'FLIR One' thermal imager – costing £400 – and an installed app.

The information collected has since been uploaded to the Heatview website ( It shows houses that have excess heat loss and no insulation as red, and houses with minimal heat loss and insulation as blue.  

Following its success, Jeremy and Mike will be introducing internal surveys at the end of November, to show residents how they can best reserve heat, and reduce their heating bills.

Jeremy said: “We both wanted to use thermal imaging to help reduce the heat loss from domestic properties in Bristol, and at the point we were looking around for how to do this, a new generation of thermal imaging cameras was just being introduced.

“We want to replicate the results of a group in Malvern who have used this for several years to spot areas where heat is being lost in houses and to help householders make the best and cheapest choices to reduce that heat loss.”

He added: “It has been shown that this form of survey and engagement exercise is very successful at triggering people to take action to make their homes more energy efficient.

“The way we have reduced the cost of surveying through simplifying it and using much cheaper equipment means we can reasonably expect to grow this operation across a large fraction of the city, and hopefully make it self-funding.”

People interested in having an internal survey of their home, should contact:

Heatview thermal imageHeatview thermal image