Dismay at air pollution delay

March 26 2020

CAMPAIGNERS were dismayed to hear that proposals to sort out the dirty air in Bristol have been delayed yet again. Despite hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of government funding into research and ongoing work for four years, nothing has been put in place to tackle the problem.
Having secured a third set of deadline extensions from the government, Bristol submitted an outline business case last November, with the aim of submitting a revised business case by the end of February. This outline business case has not yet been approved by the environment department Defra, so Bristol will miss the deadline for the full plan.
Redland councillor Martin Fodor says: “This has been a constant worry for residents affected by dangerous air along our polluted roads and we’re dismayed that yet again there’s no action to tackle lethal levels of pollution.
“We knew the proposals of the Mayor for a total diesel ban in the centre were not going to be an easy plan to bring in, as the government would have to change legislation to implement them.
"This fear has proved right and in a recent scrutiny meeting I challenged the fact this wasn’t even identified as a risk to the council delivering it. Now we have to wait even longer for action.”