December 2018: Inside Out

November 27 2018

Five ways to decorate with ultraviolet

If you are at all interested in interior design you have probably noticed the Pantone Colour Of the year for 2018 is Ultraviolet. 

 If you are intrigued by this enigmatic, mystical and unconventional hue but unsure how you can incorporate it into your home, here are a few pointers to help you create a successful scheme.



When it comes to using a ‘marmite’ decorating colour like purple you might want to consider first whether for you it is a case of more is more or less is more. In a small room with minimal natural light, such as a downstairs loo, you can afford to go wild with a rich, dark, deep purple all over. You won’t spend a long time in there so the drama will be exciting and enjoyable for short periods. In a larger room where you pass more time you may prefer to use purple in a smaller portion on armchair upholstery, a cushion or art print. 



There’s no reason why you can’t vary the intensity of your preferred purple. Turn the saturation volume up high with an intense tone or dial it down and go for a pastel lilac.


Colour can never be considered in isolation in interior design and sometimes the surface it is applied to can make or break the scheme. Deep purple looks sumptuous on a luxurious velvet, but can make painted shelves or walls look flat and cheap. 


Colour Pairings

The complimentary colour of purple is yellow which could be a zingy tone or a more sedate mustard. Or try purple together with the colours either side of it on the Colour Wheel (blues and pinks) for a more harmonious colour scheme

Browse my collection of favourite ultraviolet interiors on my Pinterest board and see if you can become inspired to use it in your home. Don’t forget to share your pics with us on instagram with #mybristolhome if you do!