December 2017: On The Beat

November 24 2017

We have recently seen an increase of motor scooters being stolen, with four scooters taken in the last fortnight.

We have recently seen an increase of motor scooters being stolen, with four scooters taken in the last fortnight. Three of them were found damaged close by. I would urge any scooter owners to be extra vigilant and make sure their bikes are secured properly, in light of these recent thefts. 

Lock your scooter to something immovable like railings, lamp posts or a bike post. Keep chains as tight to the machine as possible and try to ensure they are off the ground. Park your scooter where it can be seen, not tucked away in the corner of a dark car park. At home, always lock you scooter and use a cover if it’s kept outside. If you can, keep your scooter in an alarmed secure garage. 

As part of our work to reduce burglary, I have managed to get some timer switches which are used to turn lights on when people are out. At this time of year it gets dark early, and this can be an opportunity for burglars to see if people are at home or not. I will be giving out some switches out to our neighbourhood watch coordinators, who will ensure they are distributed fairly. 

We have been working closely with neighbourhood watch members over the last couple of weeks and have been given some information about possible drug dealing in the area. We are hoping to make some arrests in relation to this in the coming weeks. 

This week I was able to join a new community speed watch group following interest from residents around Ralph Road. Vehicles were speed checked going up towards Ashley Down Road and back towards Muller Road. Drivers seemed to speed up as they went uphill and then slowed when they saw us. However, the speed limit was for the most part observed. This could have been down to the levels of traffic at the time.

We still receive many complaints about drivers during school pick up / drop off times in the area. This includes parents parking across drives and inconsiderate driving. We will include all the primary schools in the area in our winter patrol plan and hope to address some of the issues raised.

Finally, I recently had a meeting with one of the sports leads at the City of Bristol College on Ashley Down Road. They are trying to encourage more students to cycle to college and we are looking at ways to help keep their bikes safe when not being used, as well as to encourage responsible cycling when they are on the roads. We will be holding bike events and talks with the students next term in support of this.

At this time of year, it’s always worth mentioning the need for cyclists to have lights on their bikes. If you cycle in the dark with no lights, you are putting yourself at risk, even more so if you wear dark clothing. Please make sure bike is properly fitted with lights, to ensure your safety as well as that of other road users. 

May I take this chance on behalf of the Bishopston neighbourhood policing team, to wish you a safe, crime free and happy Christmas.



PCSO David Said