Crowdfunding for Longmead Avenue trees

November 24 2017

A group of residents in Bishopston have launched a fundraising drive to cover the cost of replacing the diseased trees in their road.

A group of residents in Bishopston have launched a fundraising drive to cover the cost of replacing the diseased trees in their road.

The council have told local people that they have no funding to replace the trees and instead are encouraging community sponsorship. Keen to keep the area as leafy as possible, a group of Longmead Avenue residents have got together and set up a Crowdfunding page to try and raise the money needed to sponsor and replace the trees. 

Mother of two, Alison Troskie, was walking along Longmead Avenue with her five-year-old daughter, when she spotted a notice on a tree stating that it was going to be cut down. 

Alison said: “We’ve often played this game where we run down the road and she stops at each tree. My daughter asked me, if the tree isn’t there, how will I know where to stop?” 

“I thought that’s a good point and we wondered if we could replace it? We were going to meet some other friends from Longmead Avenue and noticed that eight trees were to be cut down. It’s the purple plums that have been most affected disease. We got chatting with other mums at the pub and thought that we should do something to try and replace them.”

To drum up interest the family and their friends have been knocking on doors and leafleting locally to make people aware of the cost of replacement - £295 for each tree - £2,600 in total. 

Residents have taken advice from local councillors who have helped to increase the initial deadline for planting from December 1st to December 31st. 

Cllr Eleanor Combley said: “I am delighted that the residents on Longmead Avenue have sprung into action so quickly to raise funds to replace the trees being felled because of age and disease, and am happy to give them any support I can. I’d like to thank the council officers who have been so patient with me quizzing them to reassure myself that the fellings are really necessary, and have also extended the deadline to request replacement trees in this planting season to the last possible day, to give as much time as possible for fundraising.”

Alison added: “It’s one of the things that make Bristol so attractive and helps with the pollution. It’s always quite sad when you just see a stump.

“We’ve been putting our posters on the tree stumps and we’ve found that people are very responsive. It’s been mostly people on the street giving but we have had some anonymous donations.”

Neighbour Jessica Trehar stated: “Part of what makes our area and road so lovely are all the beautiful trees. In addition, as residents living on a road with a view of HMP Bristol, we are really keen to do whatever we can to ensure the environment is as attractive as possible.” 

More than 20 people have donated so far, from £2 to £50, and the current running total is £717, which is 30% of the amount needed. With over 100 houses on Longmead Avenue, Alison is hopeful that the total is within reach:

“We’re on our way to tree number three. Chatting with parents at Bishop Road School we’ve realised that they’ve lost trees on Maple Road and Brynland Avenue. It may be a case that if we meet this deadline, then we may go on and try and help replace trees in other roads,” she said.

The link to the JustGiving crowdfunding page is: