Cricket club tries to be good neighbour

March 26 2020

COUNCILLOR Eleanor Combley welcomed a good crowd of cricket ground neighbours to the annual
pre-season meeting on Wednesday 11 March. Attendees got to meet the Club’s CEO Will Brown and his new management team.  
Alison Boulton and Lindsey Shobbrook from CG2 opened the meeting, introducing CG2 and its role as a ‘critical friend’ to the club. They summarised the main issues from their recent Liaison Group meetings with the club, which focused on stewarding and the traffic management for matches.
Will Brown outlined the key aspects of the season, including two significant games which will be subject to traffic management due to likely crowds of up to 10,000 (12 and 16 July); Nevil Road and Arthur Milton Street will be closed to traffic on those days. Cars will be discouraged with Park and Ride provision, taxi drop-off/pick-up management and restricted parking at the Ground.
As per the agreement with BCC, there will be a maximum of 15 uses of the floodlights this season. Piero Stobbia, GCCC’s Operations Director described improved stewarding plans, with a dedicated road stewarding team overseeing key points.
Concerns remain from local residents about parking. Alison Boulton said: "We are mindful we are entering the first season with the double yellow lines in place, limiting already challenging parking in the area.  GCCC, CG2 and local residents are committed to monitoring parking on match days as the season progresses, and discouraging match-goers from parking near the ground wherever possible."
Residents were pleased to hear about a range of positive initiatives GCCC are putting in place to drive sustainability at the ground. These include 115 new bike racks, water refill points, zero waste to landfill, a new local catering partner and electric vehicle charging points. Neil Priscott, Commercial Director and Pete Lamb, Community Engagement Officer also shared news of an array of community projects being planned as part of the club’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. They include a family-orientated Community Day on 26 July (free to everyone) and the reintroduction of fireworks at the Ground on 5 November, in partnership with Brunel Field Primary School and charity partner CLIC Sargent.  
Alison Boulton added: "It was encouraging to hear residents’ feedback about the positive nature of the meeting, a view echoed by GCCC and CG2. Thanks to everyone for a constructive discussion."
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• Since the meeting, the world has changed significantly, with a big impact on all aspects of life including sport.
The GCCC website will have updated information about fixtures and other events and CG2 will update its supporters.