Councillors sleep out to raise money for homelessness charity

November 19 2021

A group of Bristol councillors have spent a night out in the cold to raise money and awareness for young people affected by homelessness.
As part of the 16-25 Independent People Sleep Out in Lloyds Amphitheatre five Green Party councillors spent the night sleeping out in the open on October 21.
Lockleaze councillor Heather Mack said: “It was a cold night and I really didn’t sleep well, but I realise this is the reality for many people who are homeless or in insecure housing in Bristol. 16-25 independent people are a fantastic charity creating safe spaces for young people, and I was glad I could do something to support them.”  
Councillor for Ashley, Tim Wye said: “Bristol has the second highest homeless population in the country, and predictions are that this is only going to get worse following the effects of lockdown. 1625 are a fantastic organisation – but people really shouldn’t have to be raising sponsorship money to pay for vital services for vulnerable people. Our government simply isn’t doing enough.”
16-25 Independent People supports young people who are homeless, leaving care, or at risk of homelessness in the South West. This year’s sleep out is well on track to raise the £35k target to fund this vital work, with the Green Councillor Group contributing over £1,500.