Councillors make history by sharing Assistant Mayor role

November 27 2015

LOCAL councillors Fi Hance and Daniella Radice will be joining forces to share the role as Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods on the council’s cabinet.

LOCAL councillors Fi Hance and Daniella Radice will be joining forces to share the role as Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods on the council’s cabinet.

The move is in a bid to create a better work-life balance for the two mothers.

Councillor Radice, who has held the position since joining the cabinet in 2014, will be sharing her post with her fellow Green Party councillor with immediate effect.

It marks another distinctive move forward for the country’s most politically diverse cabinet, which includes members from all four major parties as well as the Independent mayor George Ferguson.

Councillor Radice said: “I jumped at the idea of a job share when Fi suggested it.

“Working as an assistant mayor is fascinating but full-on and the idea of sharing the role makes so much sense to me.

“We have both been working on a campaign to get  50% women elected to Bristol City Council next year and we want to demonstrate that, even at a senior level you can have a work-life balance in politics.

“Many people are often put off by the full-time nature of politics and this move demonstrates that you don’t have to choose between a career and other commitments.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Fi.”

Women currently make up 34% of the number of councillors within Bristol.

Councillor Hance said: “I’m really looking forward to working with Daniella and getting involved with more city-wide issues. 

“We both feel that flexibility around working practices means that more people can get involved in the council, which can only be a good thing and will mean better decisions are made. 

“Whatever your political stripe, we would urge people to consider getting involved in local politics and make a difference in your neighbourhood.”
George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, said: “I am delighted to welcome Fi to my Cabinet as part of this innovative new arrangement.

“Politics has to adapt to modern life and this arrangement will help demonstrate that working mothers play an equal role in our workplace and that it should be flexible to meet their needs.

“Knowing Daniella and Fi as I do, I have no doubt that it will prove highly successful.”