Could a child's poor eyesight be cured while they sleep?

September 28 2018
Could a child's poor eyesight be cured while they sleep?

LYNNE Fernandes Optometrists are raising awareness of a revolutionary new treatment that can help correct children’s eyesight whilst they sleep.

They are one of the first opticians in the UK to offer this recently-launched, ground-breaking contact lens treatment for myopia, or short-sighted vision as it is commonly known, when objects look fuzzy in the distance.

Speaking during National Eye Health Week in September, Lynne said many parents aren’t aware of the revolutionary new treatments which can help stop myopia progression:

She said: “There are several lens options available, new MiSight® one day disposable lenses are specifically designed to manage myopia progression and scientifically proven to slow it down by up to 59% over two years. As a soft, daily disposable lens it’s comfortable to wear and suitable for children from six years and up.

“Another option we offer is overnight treatment with rigid lenses called OrthoKeratology or Ortho-K. These are specially shaped contact lenses which gently flatten the cornea so that the light focuses correctly on the back of the retina. The lenses act like a miniature jelly mould and because the cornea is elastic it will retain the corrected shape for at least 36 hours. These lenses are custom designed and are worn every night while you’re asleep, so that no spectacles or contact lenses need to be worn during the day.

“Knowing which option could be right for your child is difficult but we offer advice on the right contact lens to help slow down your child’s myopia progression. What’s important to remember is that for children with myopia, the younger they start the treatment the better chance of success.”

Following a routine NHS eye examination, eight-year-old Lucy, a patient at Lynne Fernandes Optometrists Gloucester Road practice, was diagnosed with mild short-sightedness and prescribed glasses. After only a couple of months Lucy was struggling again to read the whiteboard at school so she joined the Myopia Control Programme, where she was fitted with contact lenses. Three months into wearing her daily multifocal lenses, Lucy went back for her first follow up appointment and found that her myopia hadn’t changed at all.

Lucy’s mum Jane says: “Lucy was really pleased. She’s doing really well managing her contact lens wear and we’re delighted that the treatment is working. For us, joining the programme is proving to be a great investment.”

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