Congestion continues in St Andrews following road ‘improvements’

January 30 2017

Traffic woes in St Andrews are continuing following the introduction of new road markings.


Traffic woes in St Andrews are continuing following the introduction of new road markings.

Long queues are building up back to Gloucester Road at rush hour since changes were made to the junction of North Road with Cromwell Road in the autumn.

Despite the city council promising last year that centre line markings would be added and the road would be widened, action is yet to be taken and many drivers are feeling frustrated.

A single lane exit from North Road, which now has priority over Cromwell Road, has caused tailbacks on both roads.

Ashley ward councillor Mike Davies said he was in touch with the highways office to see what could be done, but that recent changes to the highways team had slowed down capacity to deal with the issue.

He said: “The main problem seems to be that the highways blueprint shows this junction as having two lanes of traffic, but it doesn’t seem wide enough to hold this.

“They are looking at widening it by 50cm which should allow two lanes of traffic side by side. That should be enough to stop the traffic building up.

“But at the moment there’s no date for the work to be carried out.”

He added that the problem was being exacerbated by cars using the central traffic island as a place to park.

He said: “There was a plan to put a tree on the traffic island but this hasn’t happened and now people are actually driving onto it and leaving their cars there.

“I’ve made the highways office aware of this, and am keeping an eye on it. It definitely needs something planting there, and hopefully this will happen in the next couple of months.”

Following our report on the ongoing issues in last month’s Bishopston Voice, Martin Laker from Belmont Road got in touch.

He said that during the original consultation period for the changes he flagged up to the council that the new junction was only wide enough for one lane of traffic, which would cause congestion.

But the official response was that the new road would be wide enough for two lanes of traffic, and there was no need for an island to split up the lanes.

Mr Laker said: “In a time of big cuts at Bristol City Council, one wonders how much money was allowed to be wasted on such a scheme in the first place when it was obvious to everyone except the officers designing the scheme that it wouldn’t work.

“[My] ideas were dismissed, to the extent that segregating the traffic into two lanes by an island was described as confusing to the public because it might make them look the wrong way.”

A council spokesman was unable to give a date for when any further improvements would be made.