Concession tender for park café set to launch in September

August 24 2018

THE OWNER of the café concession in St Andrews Park has been told that it will be put up for tender in September.

As previously reported in Bishopston Voice, the decision to retender Fay’s Tea Garden was upheld by Bristol City Council at a full council meeting in March, despite facing strong opposition from over 5,000 petitioners.  Following this, notices appeared in the park in July in regard  to an application for the café’s Street Trading Consent licence, which will allow the successful bidder to trade once the tender process is complete.

Fay Aldridge has run the café since 2006. Speaking to Bishopston Voice about her current situation, she said: “I’ve been billed for the concession until the end of September, and I was sent a letter by the council to say they were sorry that they hadn’t been in touch, but that the tender process is due to start in September.”

Commenting further on the tender process, a spokesman for Bristol City Council said: “It is still our intention to include current concessions, including St Andrews Park, as part of a citywide Concessions Tender. Due to a number of issues, the launch of the tender has been put back to the autumn. All existing outlets will be able to continue trading until the tender process has been completed and will be charged accordingly.

“In relation to the notices that have gone up in some parks, these are part of the new process we follow to enable outlets to trade. Every concession must have a Street Trading Consent, and to speed up the process we are now applying for these in advance. The licence will then be transferred to the successful bidder.

“Bristol City Council do not currently have any plans to directly manage a catering unit in St Andrews Park.”