Commuters give thumbs-up to 'safety on the streets' campaign

September 28 2018

Residents of Cossins Road launched their campaign to reduce commuter parking on their road as the schools went back in September.

 The leafy road by the Westbury Park entrance to Redland Green park has become the first choice for commuter parking since the extension of the Redland resident parking zone (RPZ) to Canowie Road and St Oswalds Road a year ago, shifting the problem from one area to another.  

Concerns about the safety of children walking to school and the impact on local people of parking on pavements, blocked driveways and road standoffs has led to a campaign from residents who are determined to improve the situation.

Resident Greg Cooper said: “Initially, we have started with colourful posters on the fence making people aware of the negative impact that day time parking is having on the road and the community and asking people to consider parking elsewhere.

 “So far the impact has been limited, a few more spaces have opened up and people are stopping to read the posters. We didn’t expect to have a massive impact but just wanted to make sure that people knew there was an issue.

“We have noticed in the last few days that less people are parking on the bend and more gaps are opening up on the rest of the road so the campaign does now seem to be having an impact. Of course things may slide back but any improvement is helpful. We hope to get some constructive input from the council now officers have completed the reviews of current RPZ schemes.”

Cossins Road serves a unique and important role by providing access to a number of community facilities including the park, two schools, a nursery, a playgroup, two churches and local shops.

In the last year, weekday parking has increased by 200% which means that access to these facilities has been restricted. Double parking also creates a safety issue for the many schoolchildren who use the pavements.

A video about the parking difficulties can be seen on YouTube: "Cossins Road 2018" or click the link