Colston's Girls' School set for new identity

October 26 2020

COLSTON'S Girls’ School, founded in 1891,  is to have a new name.
Eighty one per cent of students and staff voted to change the name of the school, which was built with money endowed by Edward Colston to support education.
Although a majority of the 454 respondents to a public consultation opposed a name change, the board of Venturers Trust, which runs the school, unanimously agreed that it was time to remove the link to the slave trader from the school's title.  The new name is expected to be announced this month.
Board chair Gail Bragg said: “For some people this announcement will be disappointing and for others it will be cause for celebration and it’s important that we acknowledge that.
 “We will not be erasing the history of CGS; it is a part of Bristol’s story which is now an integral and permanent part of the curriculum. However, the school will be forging a new identity that represents its diverse and inclusive community and this is the momentous beginning of a new chapter.”
CEO of Venturers Trust, David Watson, said: “Students have experienced the power of democracy first-hand and I am extremely proud of the respect they have shown for others throughout the process. It is important that young people understand how to influence change in a positive way so that they develop the core skills necessary to build a sustainable and inclusive future for a global community. In a year that has been filled with so many different challenges, the school community can look to the future as they rebrand and renew.”