Chip shop boys plan to swim like fish

March 24 2017

Two local boys are planning to swim like fish in a sponsored swim for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Two local boys are planning to swim like fish in a sponsored swim for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

Andrea and Andoni Lomvardos have been inspired to raise money for the charity as their grandfather has been diagnosed with the condition. The boys are aiming to complete a gruelling 500 lengths of the swimming pool in Filton and hope to raise £1,000.

It is the third charity fundraiser for Andrea and Andoni. Last year they swam 200 lengths on behalf of Sport Relief and in 2015 the boys swam to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Charity.

The event will take place at the Dolphin Swimming Pool in Filton on April 29, beginning at 11.30am when Andrea, aged 14 and Andoni, aged 11, expect to be in the water for between three and four hours.

Andrea said:  "We want to help by swimming. We love to help because we're only kids. We don't want other children to experience what's happening to our grandad. We get very sad when we visit him. Most times he doesn't know who we are. Other times he recognises us and starts to cry. Then we cry.”

Andoni added: "I miss him so much. He can't cuddle me or even walk with me holding my hand. I wish he was just a normal old man.”

Proud dad, Nick Lomvardos, who has just turned 50, has set up a collection box in his chip shop, the award winning, Bishopston Fish Bar. 

Nick said: “It was the boys idea to do the swim for my dad. I was shocked when Andoni said let's do 500. I'm going to be watching very closely to make sure they are OK. People must remember they are young children but they are so determined to hit the 500 mark. 

“My father has had Dementia for over four years now. He also has Parkinson's but he's still battling on and every day we have him is a blessing. I'm sure I will be the most emotional man in Bristol on the 29th if the boys complete the 500 lengths.”

Please help by donating to or pop into the Bishopston Fish Bar, sponsor the boys or just leave a small donation.