Chasing Bristol North Baths progress as we were promised!

May 26 2016

Chasing Bristol North Baths progress as we were promised!

REDLAND councillors Martin Fodor and Fi Hance have been keeping a close watch on the Bristol North Baths development.

Martin said: “We had a promise from the previous Mayor that we’d be kept informed about progress completing this project. We’re following this up now and shall keep everyone informed.”

The following questions were put to the council.

What happens next?

We are focusing on completing the new build flats, library space, car park and public convenience adjacent to the Bristol North Baths building before moving onto the completion of refurbishment works within former swimming pool.

The main contractor for the revised works programme to complete the new build element will be appointed in midJune and work is expected to start in July with an anticipated completion date of midOctober.

Completion of the internal reconfiguration and refurbishment of the former swimming pool will commence as soon as tenant requirements and contractual arrangements are finalised.

Has the council secured tenants for the Bristol North Baths building?

We have met with representatives from Bishopston Medical Practice several times and they have confirmed their willingness to enter into negotiations for a new lease within the building.

This will involve taking additional space to that which was originally required.

How much is all of this costing the taxpayer?

In April 2016, Cabinet approved a capital sum of £1.5m to ensure there is sufficient funding available to complete the project.

The estimated capital value of the completed scheme is expected to cover the cost of the works with no extra cost to the taxpayer.

Any net financial surplus from the project will be allocated to the council’s affordable housing budget.

What about the contractors seeking compensation after Chatsworth Homes went into administration?

We sympathise with traders and we will encourage the main contractor (when appointed) to work with some of the specialist trade contractors where it is possible and practical in order to complete unfinished elements.

Any contractors seeking compensation for unpaid sums whilst employed by Chatsworth Homes should pursue their claim through administrators Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group.