Chance to send aid to refugees

July 30 2018

An appeal for quality donations on behalf of Samara’s Aid, a charity that sends humanitarian and medical aid to Syria and Iraq, has been launched by the Church in Westbury Park.

 The local community has responded generously to previous appeals and this time clothes, medical aids, Care Packs, Dignity Bags and Children’s Bags are sought.

The idea is to send gifts, not cast offs, as Abigail Shepherd explains: “We have high standards and ask you to uphold them. Everything we send must be something both you and I feel are good enough to give as a gift. Sending items that are in immaculate condition and spotlessly clean, shows that we value these people as much as ourselves, and sends a message of love, encouragement, and hope.  

“The families we are helping have been through horrific ordeals. Many have family members who have been killed, tortured, raped, or injured. They have dignity. Many have had lives like ours but have lost everything, most of all, hope. There is a huge amount of depression and psychological and physical traumas among them.  

“These people have no choice about what they are given, but we have a choice about what we send.”

The Dignity Bags are hygiene products for women and girls, details of which can be found at 

The children’s bags are something fun for children. Each Smiley Bag filled with toiletries, underwear, toys and love will bring a little joy to one child. For further information see 

If you like knitting, hospital blankets made from cotton yarn are required, suitable for use in a hot Middle-Eastern summer. Blankets for adults (these can be wool), baby clothes and children’s clothes are in demand too.

All clothes, blankets and bedding need to be washed and shoes cleaned and polished before donating. Everything should be in excellent condition with working zips, buttons & poppers intact, stain free with no holes.

If families or small groups would like to complete one of the packs, they will need a banana box or bag (see website for details) and a shopping list from the website. The church have rucksacks available to purchase for £1 each.  

Items of clothing in particular demand are coats and snow wear for all ages, new underwear with tags on or in packaging, shoes, boots and welly boots, blankets, sleeping bags, sheets and towels and duvets. 

Other items needed are wheelchairs, zimmer frames and paired crutches, moses baskets and baby bedding, disposable nappies, sanitary towels and incontinence pads and Care Packs for mothers and babies, see

All items need to be brought to the Methodist Church from Monday 3 September until Friday 28 September, before 5pm (not on Sundays) with the appropriate donation towards transport costs. 

To find out more call 0117 973 1562 or email: