Buy a house with Ocean - and help a Ugandan open a shop

February 27 2015

A BISHOPSTON estate agents has pledged to help change the lives of entrepreneurs in the Africa.

A BISHOPSTON estate agents has pledged to help change the lives of entrepreneurs in the Africa.

For every house sold or property let, Ocean Estate Agents has pledged to donate £10 to local international development charity, Deki.

Through the microfinance organisation, money is loaned to an entrepreneur in a developing country, and goes towards helping them establish their own business.

On average, they require around £200 to kick-start their enterprise.

Once the entrepreneur has generated enough income, they repay the money. It can then be leant out to another aspiring business person.

Sellers and landlords will be given the opportunity to match-fund Ocean’s donation to increase the impact of the pledge.

Getting local traders on board is part of Deki’s new ‘Bristol Businesses Against Poverty’ initiative.

Deki is the UK’s first person-to-person microfinance charity, which allows the donor to choose where the money goes to.

Using the innovative crowd-funding website, donors support entrepreneurs in the developing world to achieve sustainable livelihoods and break the poverty cycle, through the use of ethical microloans, business support and training.

Ocean founder Paul Harris said: “We were really keen to support Deki - as someone who has been through the process of starting their own business, I know how hard it can be.

"We have signed up to a long term partnership so as we will be able to assist hundreds of people to build profitable businesses in the developing world, thereby helping them break the poverty cycle.

"With the average Deki loan being £200, we anticipate that we will be able to change the lives of at least 75 families a year - helping them secure a roof over their head and enabling them to have a future.”

Award winning CEO of Deki, Vashti Seth, said: “We’re really excited to launch Bristol Businesses Against Poverty and our partnership with Ocean is a great way to kick this off.

"We aim to help create 7,000 new businesses in Africa and to help over 35,000 people to break the cycle of poverty over the next three years.

"We can’t thank Ocean enough for this great partnership and look forward to watching it grow.”

In their new long-term partnership, property owners who choose Ocean will be helping a farmer in Ghana improve the quality of their crops; giving a refugee in Uganda the opportunity to set up a grocery store; or allowing an entrepreneur in South Africa to start a tailoring business.