Bristol youth climate strikes to return

September 28 2021

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the Bristol youth climate strikes were set to return to College Green on Friday 24 September at 11am.
Following on from the 30,000 strong rally when Greta Thunberg visited the city in February 2020, Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate (BYS4C) is again calling on young people (and adults in solidarity) to walk out of their places of education and assemble outside City Hall.
The event in Bristol is occurring alongside other climate strikes across the world, including Manchester, Cardiff, Oxford, and Glasgow in the UK.
The group are focusing on the themes of time is running out, highlighting how nothing has changed since the last strike in terms of climate action, and intersectional climate justice, and how it needs to be in the centre of any response to the climate and ecological crisis. BYS4C has held 10 strikes in Bristol since February 2019, and has also recently joined protests against the expansion of Bristol Airport.
BYS4C activist Torin, 16, said: “It is vital that we keep up the pressure on politicians, locally, nationally, and globally, to act on the climate and ecological crisis. Almost no progress has been made since we last went on strike in February 2020, so we are again fighting for our futures.
“We are still trying to stop airport expansion, still campaigning for clean air, and most importantly still fighting for social, racial, and climate justice across the world.”