Bristol vows to curb plastic pollution

November 26 2019

Bristol has joined 19 other European cities who have signed the joint Oslo-EUROCITIES declaration on reducing plastic waste in cities.
The declaration commits signatory cities to produce an action plan within two years that will see a move towards eliminating or significantly reducing unnecessary plastic products and consumption of single-use plastics; to incentivise a rapid transformation from consumption of single-use plastics to sustainable products; and to establish systems for separate collection of all plastic waste.
Benefits from this move include a much cleaner city, cleaner beaches and waterways, as well as reducing the need to incinerate plastic waste, a chief source of CO2 emissions in cities.
CEO of Bristol-based environmental organisation City to Sea, Rebecca Burgess, said: “I am delighted Bristol is at the forefront of the global fight back against the flood of plastic pollution. This declaration harnesses the energy and commitment in cities across Europe to do what they can to tackle plastic pollution. At City to Sea we will continue to work with local and national politicians, businesses and individuals to prioritise reduce and reuse, over single use.
 “Here in Bristol we are expanding our water bottle campaign - Refill - to become the one-stop shop to live with less plastic. Using the free Refill app you will soon be able to find out where to refill not just your water bottle, but also your coffee cup, lunch-box, groceries and even your cleaning products and toiletries. We look forward to working with Bristol City Council and other stakeholders in the city to bring about lasting change.”