Bristol named vegan capital of the UK

December 19 2018

RESEARCH BY The Hospital Group has revealed that Bristol is the vegan capital of the UK.

Analysis of Google search data found that an average of 3,200 locals search for information about the plant-based diet every month. The city is also home to five vegan friendly restaurants, of which two - Cafe Kino in Stokes Croft and Beets 'n' Roots cafe in Cotham - are located in the Bishopston Voice area.

Across the UK, people are spending more on vegan products, and plant based diets are trending more than ever online. A recent report in The Telegraph stated there’s been a 360% increase in vegans in Britain between 2006 and 2016, and while some Brits take up the vegan lifestyle due to their beliefs on animal cruelty, research has found that nearly a third of us (29%) adopt the diet in a quest for weight loss.