Bristol church sends record amount of relief to Syria

October 26 2018

The church in Westbury Park in Bristol is thanking people for the amazing response to their annual appeal for refugees in Syria.

They have sent  the Samara’s Aid Appeal 233 banana boxes filled with new and good quality used clothing and shoes, bedding and towels, nappies, sanitary towels, wet wipes, incontinence pads and new hygiene items as well as a huge number of new hand-knitted items. They have sent 78 Smiley bags for children and 57 Dignity bags for women to help make their lives a little easier.

On top of all of this there were 38 sacks of bedding, towels, clothes and shoes and 12 boxes with 300 brand new children’s cardigans in that were donated by an anonymous benefactor. Finally there were also seven Care Packs to help families in need, a wheelchair, zimmer frames, crutches and walking sticks, and a Moses basket.

The church’s minister the Reverend Emma Langley said: “We are so pleased to be able to play a part in the amazing work done by Samara’s Aid and extremely proud of our local community who have excelled themselves this year with all they have done to make such a great result possible.”

The church is enormously grateful to all who have helped – sorting and packing clothes, labelling new hand knitted items, cleaning shoes, washing and ironing clothes, sewing on buttons and then loading the three vans that took everything to a farm in Somerset from where it was sent on its way to Syria on October 12. There were many volunteers from The Church in Westbury Park, other local churches, the fabulous local community, including Beavers from the 91st Bristol Beaver pack, Brownies from the 109th Bristol Brownie pack and The Good Gym.  Transport was provided free of charge from Ben Spiller of Spillers Services - local Carpenter, Handy Man and much more; Mathias and Sons of Avonmouth who provide branded clothing; and C J Associates Geotechnical from Avonmouth who provide soil sampling.

The cost of sending a container to Syria is £7,000 and through the generosity of so many local people the church has also been able to send nearly £2,000 towards the cost of getting this vital aid to those who are living in the most desperate of circumstances.