Brilliant! 20,000 acts of kindness carried out

August 03 2015

CHILDREN from Ashley Down and Horfield CEVC primary schools helped set a new ‘kindness’ world record last month.

CHILDREN from Ashley Down and Horfield CEVC primary schools helped set a new ‘kindness’ world record last month.

They were among 400 children from eight Bristol schools who managed to carry out 20,000 acts of kindness across the city in one day, beating Derby's record of 8,300.

Locations included College Green, where the children handed out flowers, sweets, strawberries, stickers and compliments to strangers, and in Central Library, where bookmarks, with uplifting messages on them, were inserted into library books.

The pupils also left gifts on people's doorsteps in their local neighbourhood, as well as carried out acts of kindness in their own schools.

It was part of the year-long 'Brilliant Bristol' project – run by children's author and happiness expert, Andy Cope – which aims to introduce the science of happiness and well-being to children.

The idea to set a world kindness record came from the children and stemmed from the idea that the quickest way to be happy is to do a good deed for someone else.

Brilliant Bristol was coined after research revealed that happiness and positivity are crucial ingredients in learning.

Laurence Pitt, head of Ashley Down Primary, said: "It's been great to see the energy and enthusiasm grow from the children across all eight schools involved in the project. It's infectious as we see the adults catching the positivity from the kids. Fantastic!"

Andy said: “Young people are under massive pressures and the UK has an epidemic of youth depression. This project is born out of a desire to instill crucial life skills such as positivity, resilience, confidence and happiness in the young people of Bristol. Our belief is that these traits are too important to be left to chance.”

Brilliant Bristol is supported by Bristol City Council as part of the wider Learning City development, as well as by Bristol Rovers FC, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and the Bristol Flyers basketball team.

Children from Horfield CEVC Primary School