Boys chase football dreams

May 23 2022

Boys chase football dreams

THREE footballers who attend Fairfield High School narrowly missed out on a trophy at a football competition in Cornwall.

Year 10 students Jaser, Sennen and Amari, who play for Whitchurch Football Club Under 15s, competed in the bank holiday tournament with their teammates. 

Five games were played, with the decider coming down to just one goal in the second half.  

Sennen said: “The final was such a close call, during the first half both teams were even, but in the second our team dominated pretty much all the way through until the crucial moment when they got one over the line. We’re really pleased with the way we played and look forward to holding the winning trophy next time.”

Amy Carr, achievement coordinator at FHS, said: “We’re so proud of our students’ accomplishments in this national competition. I know how hard they’ve worked to achieve their level of fitness and skill, and wish them every success to fulfil their future dreams of playing in a professional capacity.”

The boys are aiming high: Sennen wants to play for Benfica, Jaser Manchester United and Amari  PSG.