Bishopston Society future 'in grave doubt'

October 29 2019

A motion passed at the AGM of The Bishopston Society on Tuesday 1st October could lead to closure of the organisation.
The Society, like so many small community groups has struggled to find enough people to run the organisation and, following decisions made by several of its leaders to step down from their roles, is no longer considered viable.
A critical review of options for moving forward - or not - was agreed at the meeting. The AGM was asked to launch a review of options for the future, by convening a meeting of "critical friends” named a VIABILITY group, standing for Voluntary Independent Advisory Board Investigating Longterm Interests for TBS this Year.
Outgoing Chair Nick Plant said: "I hope passionately that in Bishopston we can continue to use community power to campaign for better use of our planning system, effective responses to the climate emergency, a vibrant cohesive culture and a human- and eco-friendly local economy."
More details including a "think-piece" on future options, is now available on The Bishopston Society website, particularly for scrutiny in time for the proposed follow-up VIABILITY meeting, and for critical friends.
If you would like an invitation to the VIABILITY meeting, or have comments, questions or feedback on options for the future of the Bishopston Society, please get in touch via the Bishopston Society Contact form.