Bishopston Peace Dove flies by St Bons

December 19 2018

A BRISTOL street artist has told Bishopston Voice about the inspiration for his latest creation.

by Keri Beckingham


As previously reported, St Bonaventure's Catholic Church asked Jody to mark the first anniversary of the opening of its Business Centre by creating a piece of artwork on their walls. St Bonaventure’s has served the people of Bishopston for over 100 years, with work beginning on the school in 1890 and the church in 1900, on the day of the Feast of St Bonaventure.

Jody, who headlined this year's Upfest and belongs to the same generation of Bristol street artists such as Paris, Xenz, Cheo, Inkie and Banksy, recently unveiled his creation (called the Bishopston Peace Dove), which is a floral interpretation of Picasso's famous design.

Explaining his inspiration for the piece, Jody said: “St Bonaventure’s wanted something uplifting and peaceful that reflected the spiritual values of the church in modern way. It was lovely to meet Father Tom, and he’s very forward thinking in terms of art. The church definitely understands the power of art and how it can speak to people, and this project certainly outlines that.

“I came up with several designs for them to choose from, and Picasso’s Peace Dove was the one they decided to go for. As soon as I turned up at the church with cans of paint and scaffolding, people started stopping by and coming over to see what I was doing, including an older couple in their 80s who said how wonderful it was. I got a kick from seeing people taking photos of it too!

“To create the piece, I had to use a brush rather than spray paint to achieve the look of the dove, and as well as the floral design I also added a nice sky to tie it all in. It’s not my usual style, and it was good to do something different. I think it’s definitely a piece of art that can lift someone’s day and make them smile. What’s important is how it makes you feel.”

In total it took Jody about four days over the course of a week and a half to complete the artwork, as he was forced to stop work several times because of rain.

Speaking about the reaction that St Bon’s have had to the artwork, parish priest Father Tom said: “Bristol is world renowned for its street art culture and commissioning a work seemed a great way to be part of our city’s vibrant street art scene. As a Parish community, we wanted to say that we are relevant and that we love our city, it is a way for us to translate our faith in an artistic form. The theme of peace seemed so important at this time, so we commissioned Jody to design ‘Bishopston Peace Dove’. We’ve received much positive feedback from the community on how vibrant it is, and how it has become a landmark.

“We wanted to communicate that at the heart of our community is a sense of fun and welcome. We believe passionately at St Bon’s that we are here along alongside people, to journey with them, wherever they are and in whatever circumstances they find themselves.”

The church is welcoming all members of the community to come and view the new artwork, which can be found via the car park entrance.