Bishopston election candidates

May 12 2014

AS residents prepare to go to the polls on May 22 in the city council elections, Bishopston Voice has asked each of the candidates in the area to tell us in their own words what they hope to achieve if elected as councillor.

AS residents prepare to go to the polls on May 22 in the city council elections, Bishopston Voice has asked each of the candidates in the area to tell us in their own words what they hope to achieve if elected as councillor. 

Barry Cash (Liberal Democrat)

Bishopston Lib Dem candidate, Barry CashOccupation: I work as a self-employed Utility Consultant.
Why are you standing in the elections: The reason I'm standing is that David Willingham is moving to Cheltenham. I'm a local resident and long standing active member of the LibDems that the party considers has the passion and ability to make a good councillor. I've lived in Bishopston nearly all my life and I think it's a wonderful place to live. I want to keep it that way.
Aims and priorities: My interests have always included science and the environment which I studied with the Open University. I hope to bring the analytical methods of science to Council decision making. Climate change is real, it's here and it's very dangerous. It's no good waiting for the politicians to act - they aren't. We need to look at what we can do locally as well as complaining and campaigning nationally. I'm also very interested in transport and after 50 years of the Council telling us that the answer is for everyone to leave their cars at home and use buses it's time for fresh thinking.

Eileen Means (Labour)

Labour candidate for Bishopston, Eileen MeansOccupation: Retired Social Worker and Social Services Manager
Why are you standing in the elections: Throughout my working life, I worked in Local Government and the NHS. I became so angry at the things this Coalition Government were doing to disabled and disadvantaged people and to anyone who isn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth that I decided to re-join the Labour Party and fight to protect and improve living standards. I want to make Bristol a better place for children to grow up and for us all to live. I am committed to fairness and equality of opportunity for all.
Aims and priorities: To make Bristol a better place, we need to combine Environmental, Social and Economic improvements. I have called on every house and knocked on every door in Bishopston to listen to people. 

  • Protecting OUR NHS -no long waits for G.P. or Hospital appointments
  • Reducing traffic congestion and pollution - I proposed at Council a cross-party united initiative to re-open the rail lines and dormant stations, including Ashley Down with frequent, fair local train services.
  • Childrens Centres - Proposed budget reductions of £500,000 p.a. were defeated thanks to my actions within the Labour Group.
  • More Affordable Housing
  • Establishing a register of Private Landlords with quality standards.

Martin Saddington (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 

Occupation: I am a Branch Representative for the Wildlife Licensing and Registration Service (WLRS)/Centre for International Trade - Bristol (CITB) branch of the PCS Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) National branch, and a member of the National Branch Executive Committee, recently re-elected as Branch Health and Safety Representative, and elected as Branch Organiser. 
Why you are standing in the elections: To represent the views of the constituents of Bishopston, and protest against the unnecessary cuts to local and national services imposed on Bristol City Council by Mayor George Ferguson and the Coalition Government, both without valid mandates to make such cuts. To extend the choices of the people of Bristol to be represented by socialist community activists, and challenge the status quo of Labour/Consevative/Liberal Democrat consensus party politics. To oppose the United Kingdom Independence Party, as we are Europeans, and need to be within Europe and the European Union in order to affect changes of benefit to the majority of European citizens, not just the wealthy minority.
Aims and priorities: To represent the various, often conflicting views of the residents and constituents of Bishopston to Bristol City Council (BCC) as well as I can. To promote ecological and ethical solutions to the problems encountered in running Council services. To represent cyclists and pedestrians, and to promote pedestrian & cycle friendly policies within BCC.

Owen James Evans (Conservative) 

Conservative candidate for Bishopston, Owen EvansOccupation: Final Year Student and Part Time Retail Worker
Why you are standing in the elections: Having lived locally for the past four years, it would be a real honour to represent the interests of our community at City Hall. Residents I’ve chatted to have given me a really enthusiastic response. They have said it’s time for a fresh new voice to champion Bishopston on the Council – someone who understands the local issues and will put ideology to one side and will instead genuinely listen to what local people are saying. I believe I have the energy and determination to stand up for Bishopston.
Aims and priorities:
- Opposing an RPZ in Bishopston - I would ensure local residents are truly listened to on the issue
- Fighting for better buses - as a regular bus user I understand the frustrations people have with bus reliability, so i will be unrelenting in pressuring FirstBus for punctual and reliable buses in the area and wider Bristol.
- Championing our local shops and independent traders – We need to cherish the gem of Bristol that is Gloucester Road, so I would work with the new Business Improvement District and launch a ‘Support our Local Shops’ drive.

Tim Malnick (Green) 

Green candidate for Bishopston, Tim MalnickOccupation: I work as an educator and facilitator helping organisations become more sustainable and socially responsible.
Why you are standing in the elections: I’ve lived in Bishopston for 10 years and raise my young family here. I love living here and care about this area. I have 20 years’ professional experience helping organisations work harmoniously and effectively to address some tough social and environmental challenges. I want to use my skills and knowledge to benefit my local community. I also want to strengthen the Green voice in Bristol, speaking out clearly for policies that help our city become fairer, healthier and more sustainable.
Aims and priorities

  • Accountability to you: My first priority is to serve the wishes of local people and represent your interests at City Hall.
  • A vibrant and resilient Gloucester Road: Helping local traders, groups and residents innovate and collaborate in the face of multinational competition. 
  • Developing green spaces and public buildings: As a local resident, I’m already working to transfer the Ardagh into community management. 
  • An integrated, reliable, affordable transport system: improved local rail services; new local bus routes and proper cycle networks.


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