Bishopston - and all of Bristol - needs clean air

May 24 2019

The quality of the air that we breathe has become an issue like never before as science reveals the damage that pollution can do to our health. National Clean Air Day takes place this month on June 20 and The Bishopston Society and Clean Air Bishopston (CAB) are leading the way locally with a series of activities planned for all ages.

Bishopston - and all of Bristol - needs clean air
There are lots of ways that Bishopston, Cotham and Redland residents can get involved in Clean Air Day Bishopston. The Bishopston Society website lists many simple things each and everyone of us can do to improve air quality and look after our own and other people’s health.
Last year many people made pledges to do a small thing, such as walking or cycling short journeys instead of taking the car. Each pledge was a simple but significant contribution to cleaning up our air in conjunction with others. People are urged to join in and pledge a specific commitment to the environment this year and really make a difference locally.
Kevin Molloy, Clean Air Bishopston Lead, added: “You might ask why this is relevant to us, but make no mistake, air pollution is a killer. Gloucester Road is a hot-spot and we in Bishopston are vulnerable like others. So, we’re getting people talking and working together to address this public health emergency.”
Clean Air Day Bishopston kicks off with a free breakfast for cyclists (7 - 10am) at Boston Street Party on Gloucester Road. Later in the day between 3 - 6pm the cafe hosts a pollution workshop in the creative corner for kids.
Find out everything you always wanted to know about sustainable transport, along with a try out of the smoothie bike, at the corner by Lunar Optical (8 - 11am and 3 - 6pm). A cycling corner will be set up outside the prison from 3 - 6pm and you can get your bike repairs carried out too!
School Streets and Playing Out will be informing the public about ways to improve air quality around schools. Find them outside Sainsbury’s between 3 - 6pm.
There’s an opportunity to discuss and share pledges and ways to improve Bishopston’s air from 6 - 7pm at Boston Tea Party, followed by an evening, midsummer’s stroll around the local streets from 7 - 8pm.
Nick Plant, Bishopston Society Chair says: “Everyone’s now talking about the climate and ecosystem breakdowns the world’s facing, and we hope Bishopston will take its turn.
“The school strikes show that the younger generation are determined we act, Extinction Rebellion have proven the legitimacy of rebellion in the face of extinction, Greta Thunberg’s positive courage has captured our imaginations in spite of the gloom, and parliaments and local authorities all around are declaring climate emergencies.
“As individuals we need to take personal action to reduce pollution, eat less meat, and much more. As communities we need to persuade politicians to accelerate emissions reductions, challenge industry to abandon toxic production practices, put a stop to banks and others profiting from climate and species destruction, and much more. So we’re hoping this day will bring about a step-change in Bishopston’s conversations about these actions.”
There’s lots of information about how you can get involved on the website and see #CleanAirBishopston for all the latest news about events.