Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership New

July 04 2016

September Community Day

September Community Day

Plans are being developed for another annual community fair to be held on September 17 by the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership. Local groups who’d like to take part are encourage to get in touch.

One feature that will be repeated is to offer modest grants which are decided by those attending the fair, following ‘pitches’ by local groups. Also, look at the working groups under the NP umbrella as they are always looking for more people to get involved and make a difference in the area.

See for contact details.

Saving energy for winter

Plans are underway for short courses to help people take control of energy bills and develop home energy saving projects in time for winter.

Get in touch with BCR Energy Group via to get more information or to preregister for these low cost courses. There will be reduced cost places for some participants thanks to a grant from the council’s Community Energy grants.

Small Grants announced

The June Neighbourhood Partnership meeting agreed some local grants that will help Redland, including funding for Playing Out activities in the ward, to allow families to create a safe playing space in their street.


I have been a Cotham councillor for over seven years having lived in the area for the best part of 35 years.

New Cotham Ward, which includes areas people know as Redland, Cotham and Kingsdown, is the area between Redland Road and Dove Street, Hampton Road and Cheltenham Road.

It looks like a leafy suburb but is the most densely populated Ward in Bristol with the larger part in multi-occupation (HMOs). So it is a mixture of owner-occupation, family and professional flats and student accommodation.

I have been working for more than eight years to sustain this dynamic balance. I deal with all sorts of issues, not just the obvious ones of lifestyle clashes. Affordability, community balance, sustainability, modern living in the historic places, planning, shopping, transport and quality of accommodation are key issues. I want us to reclaim our streets but while some of our issues are visible, such as litter our area has many hidden problems like loneliness, across all ages.

The key players are Bristol City Council (BCC), Universities, elected representatives, BCR Neighbourhood Partnership, community groups and you as residents and neighbours. You can highlight issues (via improved BCC complaints) and to me, engage with local groups and make best use of local facilities. I keep working to make our neighbourhood much better for all our residents. Let me know your thoughts for next month’s issue.

Anthony Negus, Lib Dem councillor for Cotham Ward

t: (0117) 353 4713

A contribution to funding a hearing loop in the rebuilt Redland Green Parish Church hall was also agreed, which will make the space even more useful to community groups. For the first time there will also be a special educational needs (SEN) project for young people with SEN or disabilities at Golden Hill Community Garden, too.

The next dates for grant applications are to be September 5, and November 28.