August: Bishopston councillor update

August 03 2015

August update from Bishopston councillors Tim Malnick and Daniella Radice

Traffic safety:

There have been a couple of crashes in recent weeks on Ashley Down Road between Station and Dirac Roads. Daniella has conducted a number of speed watches, and has arranged for a digital speed sign to be put up. But it continues to be an issue. Daniella will now be meeting with the council highways advisor to discuss how to make this stretch of road safer.

You can raise traffic issues and suggest improvements at: 

New junior football pitches:

Tim has been working with local junior football teams and parks officers to get more council pitches available locally. Previously a number of Year 5 and 6 teams have had to travel across Bristol to play their league matches. We are pleased to report that for the new season there will be 2x 9 a side pitches on the Muller Road recreation ground, and 2x 7 a side pitches (1 on Muller Road and 1 on Wellington Hill playing field). For further details and to book please 

Noise reduction:

Residents on Brynland Avenue have expressed repeated concerns about the noise impact of the car wash in Gloucester Road. After many months we are pleased that they are now building a structure aimed at reducing noise. Council officers will take noise readings from nearby gardens once the building is complete to ensure that the noise is at acceptable levels.

Memorial Stadium:

The High Court recently ruled that Rovers would not receive compensation for Sainsbury’s pulling out of the deal to buy the Memorial Stadium. We are still faced with the question of how to support Rovers to get the ground they want, and for the space to be used in the best possible way for the local community. We have approached the club and contacted the Mayor’s office to put the case for creative community thinking on whatever happens next.

Please be in touch with us: 

Daniella Radice – 07769 131097 or

Tim Malnick – 07884 736103 or