BGS students are rewarded with success

August 26 2016

Students at Bristol Grammar School are celebrating an impressive set of ‘A’ level results across the board.

Students at Bristol Grammar School are celebrating an impressive set of ‘A’ level results across the board. 

40% of students achieved 3As or better with 60% of all results being an A* or A grade. A magnificent 24% of all grades were awarded the top A* grade. 84% of all grades were A* to B, with a fantastic 100% success rate of A*–B in a diverse range of subjects:  Business Studies, Dance, Drama & Theatre Studies, Economics, Greek, Latin, Russian and Spanish. 

The school’s Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) results were also extremely strong with 100% of grades being awarded A*– B grades, and 75% being awarded the highest A* grade.

BGS Headmaster, Roderick MacKinnon, commented: “We are really proud of the students’ success across the breadth and range of 29 subjects. They have excelled in the creative arts, modern languages, the sciences, the humanities - everything in fact. 

“We are thrilled with our Dance and Drama & Theatre Studies results, which together with 91% of all Art entries, being awarded A*– B demonstrate the rich cultural life at BGS. The new Performing Arts Centre further consolidates the ambition of the School to provide outstanding facilities for the creative and performing arts.

“Our Upper Sixth are a grounded, confident and collaborative group who have thrived culturally, academically and socially at BGS.”

Justin Harford, Director of Sixth Form, added: “We are absolutely delighted by these results and how the students have thrown themselves into Sixth Form life. This has led to their outstanding performance and will prepare them well for their future success. We wish them all the best for the future.

“Our Lower Sixth results are also extremely positive, and show the students’ fantastic approach to the split system as they study the new linear courses alongside the modular courses.

“Following their ‘A’ level successes, our leavers will be going on to study courses as diverse as Engineering to Liberal Arts, Economics to Animation, at universities ranging from Durham to Royal Holloway, Bournemouth to Cardiff.”

Headmaster, Mr MacKinnon added: “It is lovely to come back to this great news following the many exciting summer cultural, sporting and academic trips that included our Sports Tour, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Biology conservation trip to Turkey, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to the Wye Valley and Brecon Brecons, and the School Exchanges to Russia and Germany.”