AUGUST 2022: News from our local MP Thangam Debonnaire

July 25 2022

Representing you in Parliament and in Bristol


As I write this, I have just finished giving my weekly speech in parliament as Shadow Leader of the House of Commons - my penultimate speech before parliament pauses over the summer with more time for constituency work.

I used my speech to point out that this government is ignoring the day job – just when we need a competent government more than ever. Ministers have failed to turn up for key scrutiny in Parliament and are delaying legislation. 

Meanwhile, people in Bristol are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.  As an indicator, the last four months have seen my office register an unprecedented rise of casework, with more than 500 people contacting us for help. 

500 people who are dealing with difficult situations such as money struggles, delays to passports, postponed hospital treatments or asylum decisions. On each of these issues I am fighting the corner of the people of Bristol West and challenging the government to do better.


Briefing on climate change by chief scientific advisor


I was recently briefed by Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser. During the briefing he warned me and my colleagues, that the world is about to face '50 years of really big problems relating to climate'. He also spoke about the need to continue to innovate, but also to push hard now on the implementation of the things that we have. 

We need urgent government action to tackle the climate emergency that follows this advice, such as Labour’s commitment to invest £28bn every year that will create new jobs and innovation and invest in current technologies such as wind, solar and insulation for homes to help reduce bills and carbon emissions. I will continue to push the government for urgent action and help prepare a change in government so that we can protect our environment and preserve our planet.


Tackling anti-social behaviour on Turbo Island


Many of you have written to me about the anti-social behaviour and fires at Turbo Island in Stokes Croft. I recently got together the landowner, Bristol City Council officers, councillors and the Avon & Somerset Police to discuss ways to put end to the anti-social behaviour and fires on the site. Following the meeting, the landowner will work with the Council to agree to improvement works on the land and identify suitable proposals to use the space more constructively.

I’ll keep on top of this situation and do everything I can to make sure it’s resolved.


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