August 2021: News from A&S PCC Mark Shelford

July 29 2021

What matters most to you?

IN June, I launched my Police and Crime Survey as an opportunity for residents across Avon and Somerset to tell me what policing issues matter most to them.
The 12-week long survey, which only takes 10 minutes to complete, includes a number of questions focusing on my draft Police and Crime Plan priorities and objectives. These objectives cover a range of police topics, including anti-social behaviour, burglary, hate crime, rural crime, domestic abuse and how you want the police to be open and transparent.
It is essential that, as your PCC, I am listening to all communities and their concerns, and that is why I want as many local people as possible to share their views on these draft objectives.
My priorities and objectives are the cornerstone of my Police and Crime Plan, a legal document that sets out the policing of the area, how the Chief Constable will be held to account and how I will use your money – taxpayers’ money – to deliver an effective and efficient police service and support other services, such as victim support providers.
In my role as PCC, I am the bridge between local people and the police, and it is absolutely essential that I hear from as many of you as possible, including victims of crime, about my proposed Police and Crime Plan and the direction I am setting for Avon and Somerset Police.
When I came into the role, I promised I would make Avon and Somerset a safer place for everyone, and part of achieving this is listening to your views, thoughts and concerns. The survey is an opportunity for you to tell me what you want your police service to focus on. To complete the survey online, visit
Last month, we were told by the Prime Minister that there was to be a big lifting of lockdown restrictions. Most of the coronavirus rules we have lived with since last March, including face masks, social distancing and working from home were set to end on July 19 thanks to the roll-out of the vaccines.
Despite the fact that life is closer than ever to returning to ‘normal’, I encourage you to remain vigilant, take personal responsibility and be aware of others around you. We have lived with these restrictions for a considerable amount of time – longer than any of us expected – and not everyone will be as comfortable walking around with no face mask on or being in close proximity to others.
Let’s be sensible and, together, ensure we do not have to take a step backwards at any point in the future.