Art exhibition in the Wigwam

March 26 2018

There is a Wigwam on Park Row in Bristol.

There is a Wigwam on Park Row in Bristol.  Not many people know that, because for most of the year it’s closed to the public. But in the spring, it becomes an art gallery, and from April 28 all are welcome to view original paintings and drawings by the artist members of Bristol Savages club. 

The Wigwam is an extension to the Elizabethan Red Lodge on Park Row.  It was built in the garden in 1919, in the style of a mediaeval tithe barn, to be a meeting-place where Bristol artists could come together and work together.

This creative fellowship still thrives to this day, and the Bristol Savages society now includes creative performers – singers, musicians, magicians and poets – who entertain their fellow members in the Wigwam every Wednesday night. The artist members come together at the same time and are given a subject chosen by the Chairman for the night, to draw or paint in just two hours.  These ‘sketches’ are then displayed and sold to fellow members. The ability to create a finished sketch in a short time is a strict discipline which artists who aspire to join the Savages must demonstrate before their election.

The 108th May exhibition has been an annual event since 1904, apart from a couple of years in World War II.  

 Savages president Bill Phillips said: “It’s an art extravaganza, offering an opportunity to purchase professional art works in every genre, created by all the best-loved Bristol artists, including Michael Long, John Palmer, Anthony Pace and David Reed.  Unlike the weekly sketches, these pictures are the fruits of sketching excursions and many days of intensive studio work over the year. Bargains are to be had!"

The Bristol Savages 2018 Annual Exhibition will be held at the Red Lodge between Saturday 28 April and Saturday 12 May. The exhibition is open to the public and entry is free.

 Opening hours are daily between 10am and 4.45 pm, including Sundays.