April: News from Avon & Somerset PCC

March 26 2020

WE are living in unusual and unsettling times
with the outbreak of
the Covid-19 pandemic.
In these very exceptional
circumstances, the Government
announced that all local
elections, including those
for the Police and Crime
Commissioner (PCC), will be
postponed for a year. In light of
these developments, I would
like to reassure local people
that I will of course stay on as
the PCC for Avon and Somerset
until elections are held.
I want to you to know
that my office and Avon and
Somerset Police are doing
everything we can to work with
partners in health agencies and
local authorities to keep you
safe and ensure you can access
essential services during this
unprecedented global health
I will continue to work
closely with Chief Constable
Andy Marsh to ensure Avon
and Somerset Police has
everything it needs to provide
critical policing services and
support our communities. My
priority as PCC will be to make
sure victims of crime are still at
the forefront of everything the
police do and it is crucial that
the most vulnerable still have
some level of vital services from
the police and partners, despite
the unusual measures taken as
a result of the pandemic.
I am assured by the Chief
Constable and his Chief Officer
Group that Avon and Somerset
Police is in a strong position to
support the response to the
virus and I urge you to all follow
advice from the NHS, Public
Health England and central
government, to do your best to
lessen the impact of the virus.
I cannot stress enough
how important our dedicated
‘frontline’ officers, staff and
volunteers are. This includes
our handy people, mechanics,
IT staff and other support
functions, who help our
officers do their jobs but
often go unrecognised. We
are all committed to being
open with our communities,
working in partnership and
having courage during these
unsettling times and I know
officers, staff, teams and
volunteers will continue to
go above and beyond for our
Finally, remember to have
compassion and look out for
one another, especially those
who are more vulnerable.
We stand stronger when we
support each other. We face this
challenge together. Stay safe.