All in a day's exercise as Bristol GoodGym lends a hand at FHS

June 25 2018
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Bristol GoodGym visited the allotment at Fairfield High School (FHS) to help dig a trench to pipe water into the polytunnel.

Around 20 volunteers ran to the school, dug the trench then ran home! 

The group threw themselves into including digging a 60cm deep x 60m long trench for a water pipe, fencing around the allotment area, constructing of raised beds from sleepers and filling them in, amongst others. 

Scott Mears, Nature Club Co-ordinator and Science Teacher at FHS comments: “We were lucky to receive Lottery funding to buy a polytunnel and set-up a community garden on the school grounds a few years ago.  

“Since then we’ve been working tirelessly with volunteers to get the infrastructure up and going. It’s been a slow process, as the money spent has been on materials, meaning nothing left for physically doing the work.  

“We are therefore extremely grateful to Bristol GoodGym for offering their labour, which is quite simply priceless.”