Actress Theresa finds new role in Horrible Histories

November 24 2017

Local actress Theresa Roche is featuring in two horror movies released this December.


Local actress Theresa Roche is featuring in two horror movies released this December. 

Cast as an entrepreneurial lady who buys a 13th century house in Gothic horror The House of Screaming Death, it’s a grim tale where Theresa’s character is murdered by demons. Starring Ian McNeice as The Architect, the film is a very special horror anthology that celebrates the best of British horror films.

Theresa plays a pagan cult leader’s wife in Bruce McClure’s latest film, District Nurse, which premiers in London on December 9. The film is about an evil pagan cult and elements of 1970s horror movie The Wicker Man. Some of the film was shot in Bristol as Theresa explains: “It was a very professional shoot with lots of very artistic shots. The interior of the Stag and Hounds in Old Market Street was used plus standing stones in the Westcountry.”

Theresa grew up in the Bristol area and settled in Bishopston after University. She’s worked on Casualty, acted in short films and was cast in a dancing role in The Other Boleyn Girl. As well as acting she’s directed a film about The Red Lodge on Park Row and written two plays. 

She said: “I really like the community here. It’s eclectic and very friendly - people stop and chat with you on the Gloucester Road.” 

Although Theresa’s been cast in horror films of late, including one as a demonic, porcelain doll who kills people in web series Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows, she also acts in Murder Mysteries, at comedy dining events and plays a costumed Jane Austen character around the city of Bath. 

The Jane Austen role led to a treasured cartoon of herself, drawn by none other than Horrible Histories illustrator, Martin Brown. 

Theresa said: “I was asked if I could be drawn live in front of an audience of children. Martin Brown was amazing and drew me in less than two minutes!”

Theresa trained as a dancer with former Bluebell girl and Moulin Rouge dancer, Gloria Sheaves MBE, who used to run a dance school in Bishopston. Gloria’s passion for dancing was so strong that she coached promising young dancers, including  Theresa and her Ballroom and Latin dance partner, Philip Sherwood. 

"I still dance with Philip. I’ve never learned quite as much as I did from Gloria - she gave me a real feel for dance and expressing emotion,” she added.