A new guide to Bishopston walks

April 24 2015

WALKING is fundamental in leading a healthy lifestyle.

WALKING is fundamental in leading a healthy lifestyle.

So, to encourage people to get out and about in the local area – on foot – a new map is being launched by Bishopston councillor Daniella Radice, and head of the Street Scene group Liz Kew.

Designed by local agency The Way Design, the 'Let's Walk Bishopston' map includes symbols and guides to highlight gradients, benches, public toilets and bus stops.

It also suggests walks around the area, linking up local services and green spaces.

To compile the map, the pair rallied the help of local Bishopston residents to walk the area and note the routes.

One of the project leaders, Mick Broggio, helped organise the 'fact finding' walking teams and has added seven routes to the Ramblers Association website.

Liz has also been testing out many of the routes in a mobility scooter.

Funded by Bishopston, Cotham and Redland, the map will be launched outside Room 212 on May 16, 10am-4pm.

A 'Let's Walk Bishopston' Facebook page and Twitter account @WalkBishopston have been set up on Facebook and Twitter for posting photos from the walks.