September 01 2020

There were no exams - but results day and its aftermath brought plenty of stress for the A-level classes of 2020. Schools have commended students for the way they coped with results and then late changes to the grades.

STUDENTS at V6, the post-16 provision at Colston’s Girls’ School (CGS) in partnership with Fairfield High School, are celebrating A-level results in line with previous years.
Twenty per cent of all grades were A*/A, with many exceptional individual performances.
Exceptional individual achievements include Helen Cutler (A*A*A*A*), who will study medicine and surgery at Lancaster University; Elle Radford (A*AA) will complete an internship in engineering consultancy during a gap year before applying to university; Fiona Chung (A*A*AA) will study psychology and neuroscience at the University of Bristol; Nawal Abdullah (A*AB) has secured a Bristol Scholars place to read law, joining her sister at the University of Bristol; Hannah Eastwood (AAA) will study criminology at the University of Birmingham; and Trinity Willis (AAA) will study veterinary science at the University of Bristol. 
Fiona said: “My grades have exceeded my own high expectations and I’d like to thank all of my friends and teachers who have always encouraged me to keep striving.”
Nawal said: “I am incredibly thankful for all the support I have received from my teachers and tutors over the course of my A-level studies. I'm extremely proud of the grades I have received today and I cannot wait to start my law degree at the University of Bristol.”
Maddison Bowen (AAB) will read English at the University of Liverpool; Lucy Britton (AAB) will read history at the University of Exeter; Isabelle Courtier (AAB) will read forensic anthropology at Liverpool’s John Moores University; Chloe Daly (AAB) will read English at King’s College London; Maida Rasool (AAB) will read English literature and philosophy at Cardiff University; and Martina Tancock (AAB) will read physics with particle physics and cosmology at Lancaster.
Maida Rasool said: “My grades reflect the time and work that I've put into my subjects and the support given to me by my teachers. V6 and CGS have really helped me to reach my full potential and I can’t wait to start my university course.”
V6 head, Caroline McClean, said: “Our students have demonstrated incredible resilience in very unusual circumstances this year and we are extremely proud of their performance. Our strong results and the excellent destinations students have secured are testament to the hard work of students alongside the support of their teachers and families. Where the achievements of some students have not been accurately recognised in the externally calculated grade, we will be providing support to secure the appropriate outcome.
Principal Kerry McCullagh said: “V6 is a close community and the students and staff have pulled together to navigate this uniquely challenging end to their school years. It is wonderful to see students achieving the qualifications they need to progress on to their dream destinations. I have no doubt that these compelling individuals, so determined to make a positive difference to the world we live in, will continue to contribute to their communities.”


MANY of the  A-level students at Bristol Cathedral School's sixth fom earned  outstanding results. From a cohort of over 200 students, 38 per cent of all grades are A* or A and 87% of grades are  A*-C. These are the highest headline figures at A Level. Students have won places at some of the most competitive university courses, including Oxbridge, as a result of all their hard work.


BRISTOL Grammar School students have achieved great succcess in A-level and Pre-U grades.
Headmaster Jaideep Barot said: “I want to pay huge tribute to all of the students in our leaving Upper Sixth – both those who are receiving results, and those pioneering students in our first IB cohort, who received their results in early July.
"I feel very fortunate to have had such a positive, eclectic and committed group of young men and women as my first Sixth-form cohort as BGS Headmaster. I know that many of them were frustrated that they were denied the opportunity to sit their examinations, and to demonstrate their academic achievement in the usual way, but we could not be prouder of how they have handled the challenges and uncertainty they have encountered. Their collective results are very impressive, and are testament to the talent, dedication and togetherness of this fantastic cohort.”


Head of College Dr Tim Greene said: “We are incredibly impressed by the way our Upper Sixth have navigated this unprecedented year. We - their teachers, Housemasters, Housemistresses and myself - are very proud of them for the grades they have achieved this year and for everything they have accomplished at Clifton.
“Many of our Sixth Formers have been with us since the Pre-Prep, some have joined later in their school careers; however long their journey at the College has been, I hope it has made as positive an impact on them as they have made on Clifton.
“We wish them all the very best in their onward journey, wherever it may take them.”


NORTH Bristol Post 16 Centre, which includes students from Redland Green and Cotham schools, has been working hard to ensure young people have secured their university places and apprenticeships in the wake of the A-level chaos.
Assistant headteachers Aimi Potter and Owen Tiplady said: “We could not be more proud of the resilience and maturity our Year 13 students have demonstrated ever since they were notified of the cancellation of exams.
“Our students have maintained a positive outlook and shown both patience and ambition as we have navigated changes to the awarding of examination results and the uncertainty created by the many additional changes and updates reported in recent weeks and days.
“While we were sad  not to be able to invite this exceptional cohort of students in to celebrate their results in the usual way, we have been happy to share in their successes and excitement for the future in the many conversations that have already taken place.
“The rate at which our students are gaining entry to competitive apprenticeships and university places is the same as it has been in previous years.
“For more than ten years, our schools have been working together, as the North Bristol Post 16 Centre, to make sure that every student has the opportunity, support and skill set they need to reach (and extend far beyond) their goals.”


DESPITE the clouds of controversy surrounding the way these results have been graded, the picture at Redmaids’ High School is extremely strong.
Individual successes include Rosie Owen and Layla Qazi who are heading to Oxford University to study English and History respectively. 
A number of girls received all A* and A grades, including Chloe Bridson-Dommett who achieved four A*s and plans to study maths at Bath University.   
Regina Szokodi, who joined from Blaise High School in Year 12 on a scholarship achieved an A* and two As, and has secured her place at Warwick to study physics and astro physics.
Retiring headmistress Isabel Tobias said, “This has been an extremely challenging time for students and schools, with the parameters constantly changing. 
"We're so proud of all of our students and how they have responded in this turbulent time.