665 applications to Colston’s Girls

March 29 2016

665 applications to Colston’s Girls

COLSTON’S Girls’ School has received the highest number of first choice applications in Bristol and has seen overall applications rise by 14 per cent.

A total of 363 families put the academy in Cheltenham Road as their top preference when applying for Year 7 places for September. The secondary school also notched up 184 second preferences and 118 third preferences.

Most of the 140 girls who were sent offers on March 1 were selected by random allocation. Applications come from across the greater Bristol area and the school uses a fair banding system to ensure a comprehensive intake.

Executive Principal Alistair Perry said: “This comes as no surprise given the recent performance table results which revealed that CGS students have achieved the best progress for any school in Bristol, both at GCSE and A Level.

Parents also comment on the dedication of staff, the diversity of the school community, and the personalised learning that takes place, all of which contribute to the ongoing success of CGS.”

Colston’s Girls’ School is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. It converted to become a statefunded academy in 2008 and has a languages specialism.