£5,000 for flower beds to curb yobs

December 23 2013

ST ANDREWS Park has secured £5,000 of funding for its scheme to try to tackle anti-social behaviour by planting flower beds.

ST ANDREWS Park has secured £5,000 of funding for its scheme to try to tackle anti-social behaviour by planting flower beds.
The money awarded to the initiative is from Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens's Community Action Fund.
Friends of St Andrews Park (FOSAP), which applied for the funding, is looking to provide flower displays in the shape of spirals, leaf patterns and possibly a floral maze where Leopold Road and Maurice Road meet.
By breaking up the large green space with several flower displays, FOSAP hopes that the atmosphere will change and encourage park users to refrain from anti-social behaviour.
Problems have included excessive noise, drinking and drug taking, says the community group. Members say residents on Leopold Rd have found people urinating in their front gardens and on trees opposite their houses.
The £5,000, which has now been received, will provide for the arrangement and seeding of flowers over the next three years.
Bulbs have already been planted, courtesy of Bristol City Council, which provided 2000 bulbs to the park. The next phase, which will begin next spring, will involve seeding of the floral displays.
FOSAP said: "[Planting flowers] will add much needed colour and variety to the very green-looking park. The flowers will also provide pollen and nectar for bees and other insects, increasing bio-diversity.
"We are delighted that Sue Mountstevens has chosen flower displays as a means to try and prevent and reduce anti-social behaviour. There is substantial evidence from all over the world and the UK that community gardens and flower displays can have an effect on reducing such community crime."
Ms Mountstevens said: "Once again I am pleased to say that applications for the fund have come in thick and fast and I am extremely happy with their innovative nature towards supporting the Police and Crime Plan priorities.
"Funding has again been allocated to a range of initiatives and this quarter in particular, I was encouraged by the applications with inventive suggestions towards tackling anti-social behaviour and making the communities of Avon and Somerset safe."
The commissioner’s action fund of £200,000 was launched in May. Over £130,000 has been awarded to local causes with nearly £70,000 left for the last funding round of this financial year.
Applications are welcome all year round and Trustees of the Police Community Trust, who support the action fund, are interested to hear from schemes that have not been awarded financial support.
For more information about the Commissioner’s Community Action Fund or to apply, visit: www.avonandsomerset-pcc.gov.uk

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