‘Perfect place for RGS to expand’

March 29 2016

‘Perfect place for RGS to expand’

THE Redland High School site should be snapped up for the expansion of Redland Green School, say councillors.

Members representing Redland, Cotham, and Bishopston say the independent school’s grounds would be ideal for providing extra places at the hugely popular and successful state secondary.

Building work has already begun to allow Redland Green School to take in an extra class of children each year but its catchment area remains very small.

The Redland High site will become vacant in September 2017 when the merger with The Red Maids’ School is complete. The plan is for it to be sold to raise money to invest in facilities at the new school.

The councillors are urging Bristol’ Mayor George Ferguson to investigate buying the site.

They say: “Having a soon to be vacated, functioning school site so close to the existing site of Redland Green School presents potential opportunities which we want the council to investigate swiftly.

“We are therefore calling on the Mayor to look into the opportunity as a potential, cost-effective way to utilise a readymade educational facility with a setting in close proximity to the main site.”

Councillor Martin Fodor, lead author of the statement, said the councillors had already contacted Paul Jacobs, service director for Education and Skills, who had agreed he would look into it.

“We are also asking the existing head of Redland Green School to consider the scope for such a development as a way of meeting the expansion pressures.

“Given that sites for private development in the area are likely to be at a premium – we ask the Mayor to act swiftly to fully explore the potential benefits of acquiring this site.”

Uncertainty over secondary school places is a significant concern for many families in Redland, Bishopston and Cotham.

The council has a £34m programme to create hundreds of additional places citywide by 2019.

Mr Jacobs told Bishopston Voice: “Bristol City Council is open to many different possibilities for expanding secondary provision in Bristol and we will consider all feasible options.

“We are continuing to work hard to ensure there are enough places available where they are needed in Bristol, and that pupils can access high quality education wherever they live.”

The council’s plans do not include any further expansion of Redland Green School.