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July Letter: Bristol schools for Bristol kids

Jun 26 2015

I read with interest your coverage of the recent Bishopston Forum that saw Ian Bell answer questions from residents about the upcoming shortage of secondary school places in the north of the city.... Read More

January Letter: Give us true facts about Sainsbury's

Dec 23 2013

IN RESPONSE to yet another letter in BV (December) on the Sainsbury’s Memorial Stadium story, we are writing to challenge some of the many misconceptions flying around on the topic. ... Read More

February Letter: Smashed glass in cycle lane

Feb 01 2013

Regarding your article “Call for crackdown on danger cyclists” in January’s Bishopstonvoice.... Read More

February Letter: Tackle driving on pavements

Feb 01 2013

I read your article on page 4 of Bishopstonvoice about dangerous cyclists with interest. While I wholeheartedly agree that a small minority of cyclists are inconsiderate, rude and stupid, that is all they are.... Read More