Tree-rrific ...we’ve done it!

Published on: 26 Jan 2018


The streets in Bishopston will continue to be bursting in colour this year and for years to come as enough money been raised through more than 80 separate donations to replace a number of diseased trees.

The Bishopston Voice December issue highlighted the campaign by residents in Longmead Avenue to replace eight trees in their road. Keen to keep the area as leafy as possible, residents set up a Crowdfunding page to try and raise the £2,625 needed to sponsor and replace the trees. 

Ali Troskie said: “It’s just done so well - it’s amazing. Thank you to our wonderful caring community.

“The Gloucester Old Spot sponsored a tree so that left seven to finance and we’ve had a generous donation from one of the businesses on Gloucester Road.

“The new trees should be planted by the end of March and with the extra money that we’ve raised we will probably be able to plant two more, maybe on Kellaway Avenue and Gloucester Road.”

With advice from local councillor Eleanor Combley and Tree Bristol the community group were able to raise the money in time before the Council’s end of year deadline and hope that their diseased trees can be replaced with Cherry blossom varieties by the end of March.

The campaign only had about £700 at the beginning of December but since going door-to-door with leaflets and local publicity, the campaign coffers have filled up, as Ali explained: 

“I thought that it would be bit of a hard push to raise the money in the run up to Christmas but almost 80 people have donated. Many people have given £5 or £10 which all mounts up. One lady gave £295 anonymously, which is the cost of a full tree.

“It’s been a great way to meet the neighbours - we’ve been knocking on doors and introducing ourselves. You just never know what you can achieve until you try.

“We can put a plaque on one tree, and have chosen the one at the entrance to the road from the Gloucester Road end. The plaque will say “Our strength will grow through community.”

Since the campaign began both Maple Road and Berkeley Road residents have been looking into the best way to replace their trees too. 

Gavin Spittlehouse from Berkeley Road said: “It was all done very quickly.  The three trees (which are currently still standing) were condemned in December. The sponsorship deadline for replacement this winter was the end of December, the council kindly gave us an extra week but with Christmas in between time was very short. We managed to raise the total £885 just in time so we're now waiting for the council to plant three beautiful new trees for us.

“It was great to know that so many people care about having trees in our streets, the response from contributed was fantastic. It’s great to know that this goodwill exists and that these things are possible. Thank you to everyone who contributed.”

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