The De Havilland Mosquito

Jul 28 2017

THE SPEED and agility of the De Havilland Mosquito aircraft made it one of the fastest and most versatile of the Second World War, and now local author and former pilot David Ogilvy OBE has written a book to celebrate the achievements of this remarkable plane. ... Read More

Parking zone changes due

Jul 28 2017

RESIDENTS' parking came to Redland and Cotham ward in summer 2014. This caused lots of controversy at the time but since then little debate in the streets where it is in place. ... Read More

Congestion continues in St Andrews following road ‘improvements’

Jan 30 2017

Traffic woes in St Andrews are continuing following the introduction of new road markings.... Read More

Southmead Quietway

Jan 30 2017

Redland councillors have long been pressing for safety work to be done where Zetland Rd meets Elton Road and Gloucester Rd, as this is a known dangerous junction.... Read More

Parking on pavements puts people with prams or disabilities in peril

Jan 30 2017

With more cars, but increasing limitations on parking spaces, parking on pavements is becoming a familiar sight in Bishopston and Redland but it is not just a local problem. ... Read More

Number 9 bus link to Clifton Village reinstated

Dec 20 2016

James Freeman, Managing Director First Bus, was a guest at November’s Bishopston Cotham and Redland NP Forum. ... Read More

Green light for extra cycling investment in Bristol

Nov 01 2016

A new scheme called the Southmead Quietway is under development following a successful bid for extra government funding. This is a cycle route to Southmead Hospital designed to follow quiet roads and appeal to a wider group of prospective cyclists, helping encourage active travel and cut car commuting, congestion, pollution and lack of physical exercise. ... Read More

New team for Gloucester Road BID

Nov 01 2016

A whole new team of traders are getting involved with the Gloucester Road Business Improvement District (BID) this year and have some great plans for the area. Emma Garner from 7th Sea on Cheltenham Road is the newest member of the board of directors. ... Read More

'Let's find creative ways to tackle this traffic curse'

Nov 01 2016

LIVELY debate took place at a public forum attended by over 100 residents to discuss traffic issues on their streets. ... Read More

Cycling and walking bugbears

Sep 30 2016

Bristol City Council has some money to make small improvements to walking and cycling routes. Thanks to a funding extension to the project, there’s still time to submit ideas for cyclists’ bugbears - the type of small changes that could make a big difference to cycle safety or cycle access across the city, as well as walking routes. ... Read More