Parents share ideas for making roads safer

Published on: 24 Nov 2017

Parents and residents concerned about the safety of roads surrounding Brunel Field Primary School held an Open Space Meeting in mid-November to share ideas about improvements needed for all those using the area.

The meeting, organised by Karen Patchell, Roxanne Moore and Daniella Radice, appealed to parents and carers of children attending Brunel Field, Sefton Park or Ashley Down Primary, plus local residents and neighbours to join in and were rewarded with a good turnout on the night.

Parent of two, Roxanne Moore described two recent incidents that happened to her son: “I was walking to school a few months ago when my children knocked into each other and my son fell in front of a car on Ashley Down Road. Luckily he was ok but it could have been very different. A week later my son fell on a pavement on Arthur Milton Street and a car reversed into him. He’s now saying that he’s scared of cars.”

Karen Patchell walks her three children to school and has noticed that there is a real risk with children on scooters leaving the school entrance via the incline on Arthur Milton Street. She is also concerned about the combination of fast traffic on Ashley Down Road and very narrow pavements which have no protection between the pavement and road. 

Daniella Radice explained that there is a problem of safety in nearby Arthur Milton Street where cars park on pavements, forcing buggies into the road and reducing visibility. 

Many ideas came out of the meeting including the need for barriers to stop people, especially children who can behave in unpredictable ways, from accidentally stepping into Ashley Down Road. Improved signage was proposed, like that used at Henleaze Primary School, see right. It can be seen easily by drivers indicating that a school is nearby. Double yellow lines on one side of Arthur Milton St and a ban on parking on pavements was suggested. 

A drop off zone, perhaps in nearby College Rd with a park and stride scheme were some other ideas. Representatives from Living Streets were at the meeting and are going to investigate whether there is a suitable area nearby to set up a five minute walk zone.

Roxanne said: “At the moment I feel really blown away at the reaction. There’s been some great ideas that have come out tonight and I want to put those into action.  

“I feel really supported that other people feel the same as me and I hope that we can work together. Now that we have more manpower we have more support to put those ideas into action and to make it safer for the children.”

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