Improvements at last to Cromwell Rd exit

Published on: 24 Nov 2017


Work has been completed to modify changes made a year ago to the North Rd/Cromwell Road junction. 

Queues of cars, backing up to Gloucester Road at rush hour and along North Road were caused by the installation of a cycleway separated by a large island, funneling two lines of traffic from the Cromwell Road slip road and North Road into a single lane exit route onto Cromwell Road main road.

The road area has now been widened and markings for two exit lanes added which will allow traffic to flow left and right once more. 

Ashley Ward councillor, Mike Davies said: “I’m pleased that the modifications to this junction have finally been made, after I sent a steady stream of emails over the past year trying to chase up when it would happen. 

“Hopefully, this will allow the pedestrian benefits of the original scheme to be secured while allowing traffic to flow more freely and avoiding the tailbacks that were occurring.”

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