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21 Doors to Happiness

Published on: 26 Jan 2018

21 Doors to Happiness


Meditation teacher Chit Dubey has written his first book 21 Doors to Happiness: Life through travel experiences and meditation.

The book offers wisdom with engaging anecdotes gathered from the author’s travels, where each chapter ends with a simple exercise to find peace and happiness and help “to explain this beautiful world”. 

It’s about meditation, travel, life and unity and covers 21 diverse subjects from wealth, relationships and racial issues to climate change and spirituality. 

Author Chit, who lives in Redland, has been teaching active meditation for five years, latterly at the Wilder Centre in Stokes Croft.

Chit explained his inspiration behind the book: “I wanted to share my experiences of life. I’ve lived in a many countries and have learned a number of things. I’ve found using real life experience helps people to learn that happiness and peace is sitting inside us.”

The book illustrates that it's not the big stories which have impact on your life, but the small stories - the coincidence of meeting someone from the place you want to visit next.

As well as teaching meditation Chit also works in IT. He turned down the opportunity to work in the USA at the peak of his IT career and instead, left his job and lived a nomadic life in India for two years. Later he worked in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania and then moved to Spain and the UK. From all this he realised that spirituality was what mattered most to him.

“Success isn’t about money - it’s about whether you are able to do the appreciate the small things, such as nature and have compassion.”

“I believe that we are just one species of many on the planet and that we should respect all animals. My book aims to shift the focus onto inner happiness instead of looking for it in the outer world,” Chit said.

21 Doors to Happiness is available as a paperback from Amazon UK.

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