More Than One Way to stall traffic chaos

THE campaign to make Dongola Road one way for traffic has gained momentum in the last two months and residents from other nearby roads are pressing for change too.

Fed up with constant standoffs with drivers on the narrow streets between Gloucester and Ashley Down Roads, and commuters using the area as ratruns, local residents are forming a new group with the working title, ‘More Than One Way’.

Neil Wellman, instigator of the original ‘Dongola OneWay’ proposal explained: “It’s become impossible for cars to pass each other in our narrow roads. What started as a single-issue campaign has mushroomed.

“Once we started thinking about it, we realised that whatever happens on Dongola Road affects other roads too. We have joined with representatives from Kennington Avenue who contacted us after the recent article in the Bishopston Voice and now aim to widen the campaign to include other local roads in the matrix between Gloucester and Ashley Down Roads.”

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