Libraries at risk as council seeks to make more cuts

 BISHOPSTON and Redland libraries could be under threat of closure under the latest proposals by Bristol City Council to save £4.7 million over the next three years.

The changes, which are all subject to public consultation, could see most of the city’s libraries close, along with the majority of public toilets, while adult social care will be cut along with half of school crossing patrols.

The consultation period runs until September 5, but mayor Marvin Rees made it clear, as he launched the consultation on June 13, that the savings had to be made.

“We still have to balance our budget, and we are working under a national government that is committed to austerity,” Mr Rees said.

 Also part of the consultation are the neighbourhood partnerships – the local meetings which brought residents together with the police, the council and other bodies. 

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